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Let’s meet at the Parakeet

At Parakeet Café you will find yourselves amongst friends and neighbors, amongst foodies and yogis, young and old. You will be a part of a celebration of one of life’s simplest pleasures and one of the most joyful acts we as humans can do:


Our Story 

We want to share with you the roots of Parakeet Cafe. It sprouted from one of the greatest challenges in our life. Our daughter Michelle was born sick. She had a rare disease that required chemotherapy and started treatment at four months old. But the treatment was not enough for us, we could not sit still and wait for her to be healed; we had to take action. We started to research little ways that we could help her feel better and we came across our solution: food. Food became medicine, it healed her on a small scale and us on a much larger scale: it taught us resilience. It gave us a small sense of control over the situation and with the help of our close friends and family we found the strength to continue. We began to deeper explore the impact food can have on our lives. After years of experiencing the power food has on people we found purpose in our journey by sharing our lessons with others. This allowed us to give back to the community that helped us along the way. We created a place where people could explore the powers we came to understand, eat REAL food made with high-quality organic ingredients, include all the colors of the rainbow, and share it with those they love. This is how Parakeet was born.

With Love,

Carol and Jonathan Goldwasser
President and CEO

The bird feeder

Fact is, food tastes better when it’s real, when it’s prepared with love and when it’s shared, that’s why we welcome the health conscious, non-dieters, vegans, vegetarian, paleo, keto and gluten-free eaters to gather ‘round our table and enjoy a delicious meal made with ingredients you can trust.

We take pride in sourcing the highest quality ingredients we can get from local organic farms, not only because they taste better and deliver maximum nutrition, but because is better for the planet.

Wet your beak

Good food needs a good companion. Our coffee program consists of drinks that will compliment our menu, and our philosophy, ethically sourced beans, house-made syrups, wellness lattes made with adaptogenic herbs and mushrooms, and alternative milks. Organic, herbal teas, bring a little exotic wonder while our local kombucha brewers bring the probiotics into the mix. 

For those seeking a more spirited drink, we have a small well curated selection of Mimosas, Beer & Wines that will make your end-of-day escape, extra special and compliment the fresh ingredients on your plate.